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A Piece of History

"Preserve your memories, keep them well, what you forget you can never retell.”

-Louisa May Alcott

When you walk into C&S Refinishing and Upholstery, when you look past the furniture, you will see a wall of pictures. Take a step closer and as your eye travels over the images, you are transported back, not only to the early days of C & S, but also to patriarch Fred Saah's days as a master craftsman in Jerusalem.

In 1972, Fred brought his family and his artisan quality workmanship to the United States in pursuit of a dream--the dream of creating a legacy through his craft. His old world skills at restoring furniture have been passed on. Today, his children and grandchildren are at work preserving furniture. And every day, they walk past those pictures of their family history--a tangible reminder of Fred Saah, his dream, and the importance of family.

In this day of disposable furniture, often cheaply made and assembled, the Saahs strive to help clients hold on to special pieces from the past. For example, a recent project included restoring a rocking chair that rocked generations of babies in one client's family. That chair was aged and weathered from sitting on her grandmother's porch for years. Rather than throw it out, the client wanted it preserved and passed on to her daughter who is expecting her own baby girl. That little girl will grow up knowing the story of her great-great grandmother and the chair that rocked so many of her loved ones. Sharing those stories keeps the memories of earlier generations alive. Projects like this one become personal for the craftsmen at C & S Refinishing. The C & S team knows that every piece of furniture has a story. They take pride in knowing that their quality of work will keep that story alive for future generations.

So stop by C & S Refinishing's shop at 4687 Old Broadway to learn how they can help you preserve your family history.

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